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Michi Pottery

​Over the course of the years while studying and practicing with Chyako Hashimoto at Yunomi Pottery Studio, I discovered that the field of ceramics is a complex, creative outlet that inspires me with a unique set of challenges and rewards. This led me to opening my own studio space, which evolved into Michi Pottery. My handmade ceramics are intended to subtly enhance lives by surrounding you with thought provoking and captivating functional art.

My love of the natural environment has guided the manner I run my studio. I recycle my clay, reusing my clay scraps for smaller creations or recycling it into a new batch of clay. I run my studio off of solar power as much as possible (sun dependent), and am conscientious about the manner that materials are collected and disposed of, so that nothing ends up in our water ways that shouldn't be there. For shipping, when possible, I use repurposed or recyclable packaging materials, avoiding plastic unless it is being reused. I am a member of Durango Sustainable Goods, a local organization for makers and professionals that prioritizes a circular design and economy.

If you see something you like on the Michi Pottery website, and you would like to have more of that item, contact me at to discuss the possibilities. 

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