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Dyslexia and Clay

Besides creating, I also help people with dyslexia.


At times I incorporate my work with clay into my dyslexia therapy practice.  My students' creations may enhance an idea, such as the historical use of clay tablets and ancient Cuneiform writing (see photo below), or to etch a spelling rule into memory.

Some of my work is designed as a gift for professionals in the education field, or for students who are involved in dyslexia therapy, such as the Sounds In Syllables mug, a rendering of the materials used during dyslexia therapy sessions.


If you are a person with dyslexia or a dyslexia specialist, you will receive 10% off your order of any item from the For the Love of Reading section (use code DYS10). A 10% donation of all sales of these items will go to the Southwest International Dyslexia Association. For more information about dyslexia therapy and Sounds In Syllables, please check out these resources:


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